An intuitive application that digitises the Manual, plans, and books. Provides Office and Vessel’s access to the same updated database, keeping all stakeholders up to date


Ease of use:

  • Our application focusses to make the system easy to navigate and search relevant section with minimal training.
  • The user can easily track the changes and can differentiate the updated version.
  • The ability to link digital publication and relevant circulars enhances and simplifies the user’s experience.

Operational Advantages

  • Forms are digitalised and embedded in the system giving users the right to add comment, review and sign them. All review, add comments, and signing is done digitally
  • The ability to update and amend documents makes the system dynamic, scalable and relevant instantaneously.
  • Ship-shore data exchange packets are reduced to minimum size to ensure communication cost are kept within budget.
  • Our application ensures compatibility and customisation to the client’s requirements thereby ensuring familiarity and flow for the organisation’s users.