• A complete and easy handling system for on board provisions, stores and consumables
  • Varied options as all registered Vendors of a port can quote for the requisitions
  • Calculating provision accounts within build budgetary controls
  • Customers can appraise vendors and vice versa
  • Pictorial representation of items
  • Multilingual display of an items and support
  • Customisation and integration with other ERP software
  • Advantage of adding comments / pictures
  • Inventory management and consumption history for better future
  • Control of stock with the critical ROB reminder
  • Facilitates ordering by using search and copy facilities from previous order
  • Compares quotation from different vendors on one screen
  • Slop chest module with price lists, registration of sales to crew and reports
  • Menu planning options with recipe ideas and online cookbook
  • Recipe suggestions based on items nearing “Best Before” dates
  • Multiple Report generation as per customer’s requirements
  • Efficient inventory and waste management planning system
  • Vendor directory listing for various ports
  • Intuitive searching and sorting options
  • Consumption patterns, with price trends in ports
  • Provisions and consumables projections for budget planning
  • Time bound bug resolution
  • After-sale prompt services
  • Regular updates of the software to keep improvising without losing previous data


A software which caters to the compliance of Work and Rest hour and also addresses Health of the crew in line with the MLC requirements.

  • Regulatory compliance: Complying to IMO, MLC and OPA 90 requirements
  • Easy to use: Functionality that allows even the lowest strata of crew to fill up his work and rest Hours effortlessly.
  • Health Section: Provides healthy lifestyle guidelines and general information of different diseases, including lifestyle aliments. It allows the user to store the medical forms created during joining and even monitor monthly medical parameters. Medical inventory, medicine chest, Company Doctor details and CRM Italy details can all be found in easily. In case of emergency, just by the click of a button, medical history of a crew member requiring medical assistance along with vessel medical inventory can be sent to concerned person or department.


An intuitive application that digitises the Manual, plans, and books. Provides Office and Vessel’s access to the same updated database, keeping all stakeholders up to date

  • Forms are digitalised and embedded in the system giving users the right to add comment, review and sign them. All review, add comments, and signing is done digitally
  • The ability to update and amend documents makes the system dynamic, scalable and relevant instantaneously.
  • Ship-shore data exchange packets are reduced to minimum size to ensure communication cost are kept within budget.
  • Our application ensures compatibility and customisation to the client’s requirements thereby ensuring familiarity and flow for the organisation’s users.
  • Our application focusses to make the system easy to navigate and search relevant section with minimal training.
  • The user can easily track the changes and can differentiate the updated version.
  • Create Library of digital publication and relevant circulars to enhance and simplifie the user’s experience.

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